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Release R0.10 with support for CCID 3 now avaliable

This is the DCCP-TP Wiki. DCCP-TP is a fresh-start implementation of the Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP) optimized for portability. This site provides source code downloads and documentation for DCCP-TP.

The current release (R0.10) of DCCP-TP can be categorized as early-beta. It supports many DCCP features from RFC 4340, including feature negotiation and many options. It also supports CCID 2 (RFC 4341), although there seems to be a memory corruption bug in the CCID 2 code that has not been eliminated yet. New in R0.10 is support for CCID 3 (RFC 4342). There are no known issues in the CCID 3 code at this moment.

R0.10 supports IPv4 NAT encapsulation (draft-phelan-dccp-natencap-00.txt). It is organized so that support for other encapsulations should be a small job to add.

R0.10 has been ported to a new operating environment, referred to as the Lprocess environment. The DCCP service runs as a Linux process and the applications using it run as separate Linux processes. The Pthreads environment of R0.00 still builds but has been deprecated for future work.

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