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The intent of licensing for DCCP-TP is to allow it to be freely used in as many contexts as possible, both open source and commercial software. To that end I've used the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 (see

I've chosen the LGPL because, as I understand it, this means that modifications to DCCP-TP will need to be shared, but if DCCP-TP is incorporated into other code, that other code doesn't need to be shared. For example, applications that are written to use DCCP-TP do not need to be open source. Open source applications that use the GPL (such as Linux) can also use DCCP-TP and still retain their copyleft status. I also believe the LGPL will allow you to port DCCP-TP to a platform without sharing the porting code.

I'm not a copyright attorney, so I may have misinterpreted things. If you think I have, then please let me know. As I said above, the intent is to make DCCP-TP as widely usable as possible. If I have not achieved that, I'd like to fix it.

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