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Todo List

This is a non-exhaustive list of relatively small improvements that need to be made to the dccp-tp code (small relative to large things like implement CCID 3 support — now included in R0.10). The order of items is random and doesn't imply priority.

  • Implement more encapsulations.

  • Implement sending Data Dropped Options.

  • Allow dctpaConnect to specify UDP port for DCCP-NAT encapsulation.

  • Find and fix CCID 2 code memory corruption.

  • Split Ack Vector code out from CCID 2 so that it's available as a general DCCP capability.

  • Allow sending user data with DCCP-Response packets. This would involve having a sort of 'half-accept' call that allowed the server app to receive the user data from the DCCP-Request and then specify data to send in the DCCP-Response.

  • Rationalize storage in the dctpSocket structure. Flags variables currently use various sizes and waste a bunch of space. Other optimizations are possible.

  • Implement sending ECN marking. Most of receive side already coded.

  • Implement Check Data Checksum.

  • Add more socket options to native and Lprocess APIs.

  • Implement PMTU.

  • Implement cookies.

  • Improve the robustness of the Lprocess API. For example, close sockets on process exit.

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