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MPLS Proxy Admission Control

MPLS Proxy Admission Control is a highly scalable, lightweight, dynamic bandwidth reservation protocol for MPLS networks.  The protocol solves the problem of reservation scaling by removing the need to extend Label Switched Paths (LSPs) all the way to the Customer Edge (CEs) equipment in order to provide quality of service for real-time applications, and by allowing the Provider Edge (PEs) equipment to aggregate reservation requests.

MPLS Proxy Admission Control has been developed by the MPLS & Frame Relay Alliance, and is an extension of the Alliance's MPLS UNI specification.  The protocol is defined in two documents, an operations and provisioning specification and a protocol specification.  As of October 2004, these have published by the MPLS & Frame Relay Alliance as Implementation Agreements 6.0.0 and 7.0.0.  The Implementations Agreements are available from MPLS & Frame Relay Alliance website:

Since the MPLS Proxy Admission Control Protocol is an extension of the MPLS UNI, that document is necessary also.  It's available directly from the MPLS & Frame Relay Alliance Website:

MPLS PVC User to Network Interface Implementation Agreement (IA 2.0.1)